Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Garden Spot and Mother Nature

Its starting to feel a lot like fall out there fall out there.  When it comes to this time of year I have mixed feelings.  We have be crazy busy for months now doing markets, tending to the garden, greenhouse and surviving the harvest of 45 acres of saskatoon berries.  In between all of this Greg manufactures and distributes soil ammendments to the farmers, so during the spring, summer and fall we are to say the least extremely busy.  So, can you blame us for being just a bit relieved that fall is just around the corner?

But, today after spending a week in California at the Heirloom Expo (blog to follow) I felt like just getting back in touch with things so I went out to pick a couple of baskets of strawberries.  Well I must say that the fall crop is at its peak and as long as mother nature co-operates we will be picking strawberries and I mean lots of strawberries for several weeks yet.  The plants are covered, there are plenty to ripen and the plants are almost flowering themselves to death!

So if you are so inclined and love large red to the middle and very juicy sweet strawberries you should call and make an appointment to come pick.  We are more than willing to share the fruits of our labours.
We also have available beets, onions, leeks and corn!  

Hope to see you soon!